The dark nights of Tartu keep their secrets.. Maybe, just maybe, you will find your answers in Maasikas. Or if not, we do serve great cocktails.



With Club Maasikas loyalty card all your parties are admission-free till midnight, thereafter with 50% discount.

Gold card ensures admission-free entrance for 2 plus applausible discount for VIP reservations.

Loyalty card is good for your wallet as per every 25€ bill you earn “strawberries” on your card which you can spend in the bar with the rate 1€= 1 strawberry. The purchases can be made when you have minimum 7 strawberries on your loyalty card account. The balance is visible on you receipts. 

Of course, loyalty card holders get discounts on drinks – do check the menu for special offers!

Want to be known as our loyal? Ask our cashier for the application and we will get back to you in 14 days.

Club card: 10EUR includes 5 strawberries
Gold Card: 100EUR includes 50 strawberries 

Special offers for loyalty card holders
Double room in Hotel Dorpat 59EUR (93EUR regular) after midnight upon availability.